Production Technical and Design Interviews

To be admitted to Theatre Production as a Technician and Design student you must complete the following.

  • Fill out the Production Class Audition Google Form completely. Link here.
  • All of your current AISD teachers will be sent a recommendation questionnaire to fill out .
  • In your Google Form, you may provide 3 additional names and email addresses of adults who can recommend you, if you choose.

    Sign up for a 5 minute time to interview in person at Abilene High School. Times will be after school.

    • Choose a film or TV show that you connect with, visually.
    • Create a “Vision Board” inspired by the visual and aesthetic elements of the film or TV show. Use pictures from magazines or newspapers or you may print off pictures at home and then paste them onto a large sheet of paper or poster board.
    • Do not use images or drawings depicting characters or items from the actual film or show.
    • When creating your board try to portray the following:
      • What color palette was used by the designers?
      • How did the design and visual elements help tell the story?
      • What items from the “real world” might have inspired the film’s director and designers.

    A “Vision Board” is a collage or collection of images, put together to represent the overall visual concept of a play, film or TV show.

    • Your Vision Board may be digital.
    • Examples can be found below.
    • Be prepared to discuss your Vision Board in your interview.


    Click image to enlarge