Production Technical and Design Interviews

To be admitted to Theatre Production as a Technician and Design student you must complete the following.

  • Fill out the Production Class Audition Google Form completely. Link here.
  • In your Google Form, provide 3 names and email addresses of teachers who can recommend you.
    • Teachers will be sent a Google Form to fill out.
    • Eighth graders must use their theatre teacher as one of their recommendations.
    • High school students may not use Mr. Martin or Mr. Taylor.

Sign up for a 5 minute time to audition/interview in person at Abilene High School. Times will be after school.

  • Create a “Vision Board” and bring it to your interview.
  • A Vision Board is a collage of images inspired by how you see the world, aesthetically. Use pictures from magazines or newspapers or you may print off pictures at home and then paste them onto a large sheet of paper or poster board.
  • When creating your board try to portray the following:
    • What do you think is beautiful and interesting and inspiring?
    • What is your style?
    • What are your interests?
  • Your Vision Board may be digital.
  • Examples can be found online through
  • Be prepared to discuss your Vision Board in your interview.


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